dimecres, 26 de gener de 2011

Exportar directoris via NFS amb Snow Leopard

Robat de: How to Share Directories over NFS with Mac OS X by Chris BeHanna, chris@behanna.org

Edita /etc/exports:

Afegeix una linia com la següent (suposant que la xarxa es 192.168):

/Users -alldirs -network -mask

Activa nfsd:

O reinicia el nfsd:

Verifica els exports: showmount -e

Munta el directori desde una alte maquina:

Per un altre Unix, pot haver-se de fer servir la comanda mount -t nfs.

divendres, 7 de gener de 2011

ghettoVCBg2 - Free alternative for backing up VMs in ESX(i) 3.5 and 4.x

This tool is the follow up release of the ghettoVCB backup utility which allows users to perform backups of virtual machines residing on ESX(i) 3.5+/4.x+ servers using methodology similar to VMware's VCB tool. By incorporating highly constructive feedback from the VMware  community and utilizing the existing VI API, ghettoVCB’s framework was  completely rewritten to be harder, better, faster, stronger.

The primary motivation for ghettoVCBg2 was to provide ESXi users with  access to the utility without relying on unlocking and utilizing the  unsupported console. To satisfy this requirement, the rebuilt framework  takes advantage of the
VI Perl Toolkit/vSphere SDK for Perl which is present in the
VIMA/vMA virtual appliance provided by VMware. As a result, ghettoVCBg2 provides  a more proper backup solution that administrators can utilize in their  virtual infrastructure.

TextMate Bundle Management

Installing and managing TextMate bundles has always been a pain. You have to check it out from source, figure out where in the filesystem it goes, and restart TextMate.

Fortunately, someone was clever enough to make an automated solution to this problem. It handles all these cases: fetching the source, putting it in the right place, and reloading TextMate.

It’s available on GitHub as a gem, so you’d think you’d be able

Not so much. The executable the gem seems broken. Let’s install it by hand:

Now let’s see what’s available:

Lots of goodies. Let me just install a few for the stuff I regularly use…

If you happened to installed one of these in the past, you’ll need to uninstall it first.

That’s all there is to it.

By josh on technical stuff @ http://technicalpickles.com/

dilluns, 3 de gener de 2011

Estat de la memoria en FreeBSD

Necessites l'estat de la memoria per traçar amb el Cacti, amb la sortida de Linux?
Hi ha varies opcions:

i si ho hem de cridar desde un script:

Una altre opció força xula, pero la sortida no es igual a la de linux es l'script freebsd-memory:

Font de l'script: